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Trying to sell an arrangement

There you are. Looking at your Finale, Sibelius or what-have-you document. Another arrangement finished. This time it was an assignment given to you by your local Big Band. They are already playing 5 of your arrangements. Besides those you had a few other assignments, made a couple of them on your own, and by now you could call it a “collection of arrangements” or if you’re being bold: an oeuvre.

And now you’re staring at your screen, day dreaming about all those bands which will play your arrangements and how you’re going to get more assignments and make the most beautiful music!
But then reality hits….how to get bands and conductors know that you’re out there waiting for them to call you? How are you going to sell your arrangements to more than one band?

A lot of arrangers and composers are struggeling with this. And that’s why I’ve decided to make a place for all of those arrangers to be able to sell their arrangements.


I created Musicbits for all arrangers and composers to be able to sell their work. It doesn’t matter whether you wrote 1 arrangement or dozens. Everybody can join. I hope a lot of arrangers find their way to this site and will start selling their work here.

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